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Don Jacobo Rosado

Very soft, fresh, fruity, elegant and very well balanced, characterized by a careful vinification.

Don Jacobo Viura

Fresh, fruity and beautifully balanced. Produced with Viura grapes which enhance and distinguish the fragrance and aromatic expression.

Don Jacobo made with organic grapes

Grapes grown by sustainable organic farming techniques more responsible with the environment. Recovering the traditional viticulture it has born our Don Jacobo Ecológico a young, fruity and lively wine.

Don Jacobo Crianza

Exceptionally well balanced after maturation in both cask and bottle, this wine offers a singular harmony for its attractive colour, delicate flavour and velvety texture.

Don Jacobo Reserva

A wine with extraordinary qualities, developed harmoniously during slow maturation in cask and bottle. The great fineness and warm colour, soft and vinous taste are an expression of its seductive bouquet.

Don Jacobo Gran Reserva

The great fruit character of a careful selection and the traditional production of the best red grapes of our vineyards obtain, after having remained in cask and bottle for more than seven years (the reward of a long evolution).

Altos de Corral Single Estate Reserva

Based around the Tempranillo, our Single Estate 2010 concentrates the excellence of the Altos de Corral vineyard, whose harvest and selection is carried out by hand. Aged over 24 months in casks made from French oak until bottling.

Altos de Corral Single Estate Crianza

The exceptional character of our land is well reflected in the vitality of our Barrel Fermented wine style. It is a Rioja whose fruit tones stand out from the balanced complexity of the whole, acquired after fermentation in American oak and then aging for 12 months, bestowing upon it subtle notes of the wood. The well-assembled tannins lend it a rounded...